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    Zamzam Trading also helps its clients in procuring raw material and disposing wastes in the best possible and profitable way. With a network spread all over the world, the scrap division locates and routes the material to suite the clients needs in the most optimum manner bringing about efficiency in their operations.
    Battery Scrap (3)
    Arrow Drained Lead/Acid Battery Scrap
    Drained Lead/Acid Battery Scrap consists of whole drained lead/acid batteries
    May contain plastic or rubber cases, but may not contain wooden, metal or glasscases.
    Similar to ISRI code RAINS.
    Arrow Battery Plates
    Battery Plates consists of clean sorted lead/lead oxide battery plates and may not contain foreign materials such as plastic, or glass.
    Equivalent to ISRI code Rails.
    Arrow Battery Lugs
    Battery Lugs consists of solid lead recovered from used batteries or battery production, must be free of oxide material and may not contain foreign materials such as plastic or glass.
    Equivalent to ISRI code RAKES.
    Rubber Scrap (1)
    Arrow Assorted Heavy Truck Tire Tubes
    Assorted OverSized Tire Tubes consists of assorted grades of rubber tubes from oversized or off road Agricultural, Industrial or heavy truck Tires.
    May contain valves.
    Paper Scrap (2)
    Arrow Old Corrugated Cardboard
    Old Corrugated Cardboard consists of clean sorted printed or unprinted corrugated cardboard cartons, boxes or sheet, must be Kraft or jute liner content.
    May contain staples or poly tape, must be free of asphalt tapes and asphalt lined materials, may not contain more than 5% fiber re-enforced tapes.
    Arrow Mixed Paper
    Mixed Paper consists of assorted paper of various grades or types of fibres.
    Plastic Scrap (3)
    Arrow HDPE Sorted Scrap
    HDPE Sorted Color/ White Regrind consists of reground flake or reprocessed granules of sorted High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) bottle and container scrap,sorted into a single color or just white.
    Arrow LDPE Scrap
    White LDPE Scrap (loose/regrind) consists of sorted white/color Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) scrap.
    Arrow PP Scrap
    White/Color/mixed PP Scrap (loose/regrind) consists of sorted white Polypropylene (PP) scrap.
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